Kenly Warren is a native San Franciscan. The city’s remarkable alchemy and compelling juxtapositions are in his bones. His beautiful and unique designs express the cultural diversity, originality, and striking scenery for which his home town is most famous.

Prior to dedicating himself to jewelry making, Kenly poured his creativity, attention to detail and dynamic energy into several fruitful ventures. Even as a young man his personal style stood out as sophisticated and urban yet functional. Dissatisfied with the most current trends, he would alter or manufacture his own clothing or accessories for something modern and refreshing. Others took notice and commissioned treasures from him. While still in school working towards a business degree, he began studying metal arts, which lead to designing and casting jewelry. Kenly has been captivated by the craft ever since.

Now, potential sources of inspiration might include Middle Eastern calligraphy on a neighborhood mosque, clean lines of Japanese and German design, the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean or a rusted abandoned railroad track in an unpolished corner of this frontier city. The organic form of a regional bird or the precise architecture reflective of California’s technological boom may both equally galvanize Kenly’s singular vision. Naming individual pieces after West African towns and states, Kenly honors his ancestors. Their warrior spirit, vibrancy, artistry, struggle and courage connects past to present.

To his dedicated clients, Kenly’s jewelry evokes a sensual and refined aesthetic while complementing the powerful spirit of the wearer. His often-unisex pieces are for those who do not need magazines or social media to dictate what is desirable. Like its maker, his jewelry is bold, graceful and at least a little bit rebellious.

Kenly continues to reside in the ever-evolving city of San Francisco where he designs and manufactures pieces of his line and that of his growing client base. To become one of them, you are welcome to inquire within.