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Design and creativity have always been inherent aspects of my life. It began in my pre- adolescent days growing up in San Francisco. I would often tweak my clothing – removing and replacing buttons on shirts, tapering jackets, hemming pants, etc— in an effort to get the right fit or the right look. This early propensity toward tinkering with clothing, the endeavor for the right look, is evocative of one of my current interests—the effort to create unique jewelry. The jewelry and accessories industry is populated by a myriad of designers and design houses, many of whom follow the same trends. Magazines announce what is the “next ,best cool trend” and, then designers follow. Conversely, I like to think that I follow what is my own sense of cool, esthetic, and functional. In my design and creation of jewelry, I strive for a contemporary look , drawing inspiration from many elements and objects that I come across. Japanese art and style are ingredients that I like to infuse into my design; I also draw inspiration from the Victorian age as well as modern designs, photography and sculptures. My jewelry design, in my opinion, is an amalgamation of all of the above.

It is my thinking that most of my pieces are unisex and therefore you’ll find that I don’t assign gender labels. That said, some pieces do lend themselves to a more masculine or female build. However, ultimately the eye is in the beholder, and any piece can be made to order.

Although I’ve trained in both jewelry fabrication and casting, I tend to primarily cast my pieces; namely, because of the versatility that working with wax allows. Additionally, casting pieces allows me to make weightier pieces (difficult to do via fabrication), which often appeals to both women and men.

As a website primarily dedicated to my jewelry, it will be constantly incurring changes, especially additional pieces. Please feel free to return and or send enquiries  to Kenly